About Us

Established January 2021

Faded Living is a herbal lifestyle company on a mission to connect people to the magic of herbs and their benefits while breaking the stigmas around cannabis.

We are known for providing a diverse collection of workshops & events that involve Caribbean cooking & herbal infusions for those looking to create a more holistic lifestyle.

We offer cooking workshops and pop-up events featuring various herbs grown in our gardens or purchased in dispensaries. Our workshops include Jamaican-inspired recipes, dosing education, terpene information, health benefits & safe storage tips. 

Our podcast Faded Living & Friends is a platform highlighting the lives of diverse cannabis entrepreneurs (and allies) to normalize the face of a cannabis consumer.

Our infused dining experiences introduce cannabis as a herb, to normalize its uses.
Guests receive cannabis education and enjoy a low-dosed, delicious Jamaican-inspired menu. Our herbal dining experiences also include a menu created with a variety of herbs grown by from our garden.



Necole Hines - Founder / CEO, Canna-Chef and Educator

I'm Necole Hines and cooking, travelling and herbs are my passion!

I founded Faded Living, as a way to break the stigmas around my favourite herb; cannabis. My relationship with this healing plant spans decades but shifted several years ago when I had a car accident and decided to also use cannabis for pain management. Amazed by it’s healing properties I began to study the benefits of other herbs to add to my life & diet.

Playing homage to my Jamaican heritage, I bring you into my kitchen & garden to teach you how to make herbal infused oil, butter & honey for tropical recipes that are quick, easy, and jam-packed with healing properties.

My passion for herbs like cannabis & travel, allow me to create a 420 lifestyle that integrates balance, wellness, enlightenment, and change.

Stay Blazed & Blessed!